Subcontractor to Southern California Edison

ARTO Mitigation Parcel Survey

San Diego, CA – November 2019 to June 2020

The ARTO Mitigation Parcel Survey for Pine Creek Road in San Diego County was completed for Southern California Edison for mitigating environmental impacts through the reservation of private land to the United States Forest Service in the vicinity of Cleveland National Forest.

GIS Surveyors was tasked with providing a boundary survey, existing conditions survey, legal description and associated plat for use in the preparation of deed documents suitable for the transfer of land. The final product was reviewed and approved by Southern California Edison and the US Forest Service as an acceptable means of describing and displaying the area to be transferred.

Key Components:

  • Legal descriptions
  • Easements
  • Right-of-way alignment
  • Boundary resolution
  • Existing conditions
  • survey
  • Basemapping
  • Quality assurance and control

“Dennis Rose and the [GIS Surveyors] staff provided a quality product that can stand the test of time.  I’ve reviewed legal descriptions for various public agencies for nearly 25 years and the product Dennis Rose and the team put together is among the best I have reviewed. Dennis Rose and [his] staff thrive on describing difficult land descriptions and make all attempts to ensure the land description produced will stand the test of time.” –

Joe Derleth, P.L.S. Supervisory Land Surveyor – US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region.