Lower Sultan RiverSnohomish County Public Utility District (PUD)

Everett, Washington

Project Description

GIS Surveyors was awarded a contract by Snohomish County Public Utility District for 14 miles of ground classification along the Lower Sultan River. This project will assist in the analysis of environmental hazards along the river. Our LiDAR team checked the ground classification for large, noticeable errors, fixed gaps in ground, and used shading displays to analyze the surface appearance. Additionally, objects listed in the ground classification specification such as boulders along the riverbank were classified as ground using manual classification techniques.

Final Product, Outcome, and Client Benefits

The client was provided with 14 miles of accurate ground classification along the Snohomish River. The following benefits were realized to the client:

  • Accurate LiDAR data for ground surface modeling.
  • Ability to perform environmental analysis of the classified area.

Key Components

  • QC of data to ensure
    • Properly classified features
    • Accurate ground surface model