Levee ParcelizationState of California – Department of Water Resources

Subcontractor to PSOMAS
Central California

The Department of Water Resources, Levee Parcelization Project, is a project that constrains to a high level of quality through acute attention to detail, through the proper management and execution of a rigorous QA/QC procedure.

Our survey professionals were responsible for successfully executing the procedure to ensure data met expected levels of accuracy, quality and integrity. Their duties included interpreting old deeds throughout many different regions of California from Tehama County to Fresno County, analyzing antiquated tracing sheets, adhering to the Agencies CAD standards, and ensuring that all parcel rights were diligently documented. A total of 710 parcels were accurately drafted.

In addition, our survey technicians supported the project by producing deed based cogo mapping, XREF parcel compiling, GIS parcel compiling, parcel rights documentation, and linking parcel documents via Excel spreadsheets.

Throughout the project, a clear line of communication was maintained with the Agency regarding the documentation needed to complete parcels in a given Township, and with the QA/QC team regarding corrections, deed interpretations, and project processes. This collaborative approach allowed both the GIS Surveyors Inc. and the Agency teams to successfully and efficiently undertake the project to ensure all parcel rights were accurate and clear. The client praised us for our attention to detail and commented on the high quality of our product.

Key Components

  • Deed parcel review
  • Deed drafting
  • Organize parcel rights in Excel
  • Spreadsheet
  • Parcel compiling for GIS purposes
  • QA/QC module review
  • Project management