Project Overview

As part of the utilities commitment to providing safe and reliable energy, SDG&E’s FiRM Program was initiated in 2013 to replace aging infrastructure most at risk for wildfires.

GIS Surveyors Inc. (GSi), has united the complimentary platforms of Land Surveying and GIS to provide on-going geospatial support to the FiRM initiative.

Our team of GIS professionals are responsible for building, designing and deployment of a complete GIS enterprise system from pole inventorying, schema development, mapping statistics and analytical progress and modifications to hard copy, digital and web-based product solutions.

Our Land Surveying team performs land surveying duties involving traditional research of parcel deed and record maps by locating existing property corner monuments and other evidence.

  • Client: San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E)
  • Category: Survey and GIS
  • Key Components: Topographic Surveys, Utility Research and Mapping, Boundary Surveys, Legal Descriptions and Exhibits, Construction Surveys, As-Built Surveys, GIS Analysis, GIS Mapping, GIS Inventorying, GIS Enterprise System Development, Project Management
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