Project Overview

As part of the utilities commitment to providing safe and reliable energy, SDG&E’s FiRM Program was initiated in 2013 to replace aging infrastructure most at risk for wildfires.

GIS Surveyors has united the complimentary platforms of Land Surveying and GIS to provide on-going geospatial support to the FiRM initiative.

Our team of GIS professionals are responsible for building, designing and deployment of a complete GIS enterprise system from pole inventorying, schema development, mapping statistics and analytical progress and modifications to hard copy, digital and web-based product solutions.

Our Land Surveying team performs land surveying duties involving traditional research of parcel deed and record maps by locating existing property corner monuments and other evidence.

  • Client: San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E)
  • Category: Survey and GIS
  • Key Components: Topographic Surveys, Utility Research and Mapping, Boundary Surveys, Legal Descriptions and Exhibits, Construction Surveys, As-Built Surveys, GIS Analysis, GIS Mapping, GIS Inventorying, GIS Enterprise System Development, Project Management
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